Paul Coia

Welcome and thanks for the visit. Paul believes in Santa, dragons, free chocolate for everyone and sunshine in Glasgow. He also thinks he’s a real person. Click anywhere and you can waste hours proving him wrong.

January - February

Paul has started a new show on BBC Radio London. You can listen in, and call, from 10pm Sunday night till 2am Monday morning on 94.9 FM. Paul is also still presenting the Sunday Breakfast show on BBC Radio Berkshire from 6am - 9am, and on London's Radio Jackie from 4pm - 7pm each Saturday.

Paul will be away working in Zurich for a few days with a great group of people dedicated to helping farmers in The Ivory Coast and in Ghana.

Paul's weekly column in the Scottish Sunday Post continues, and in February he will be interviewing Tim Brooke Taylor, Nicholas Parsons, Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee amongst others.